keeping you safe

Covid-19 & Affinity Clinics

Taking precautions

These are some safety measures we have in place to protect you from the transmission of COVID 19


You will receive a quick call or text the day before your appointment where we will take a moment to go through a symptom checker to make sure you are clear of any preliminary symptoms of COVID 19.

You will be asked to contact us if you begin to display any symptoms between the call and your visit to cancel your appointment. Obviously no cancellation fees will apply.


Arriving for your appointment

Please bring your own modesty towel to the appointment.

Please arrive on time for your appointment (not before) to avoid contact with other patients.

Please wait in the waiting area, you may sit in the seat provided.

On arrival you will be asked to sanitise your hands and don a mask. You may bring your own or we can provide one.

We will take your temperature using a no contact device.

Your treatment

Your Osteopath with be wearing a disposable mask, gloves and apron. Aprons and gloves are changed between each patient, and masks will be worn for a maximum of 4hrs, unless they become contaminated, dirty, or damp. In which case they will be changed before.

Consultation will take place in the treatment room, yourself and your Osteopath will be seated 2 metres apart. The room will be aerated with an open window.

Treatment will take place on the couch in the treatment room. The couch will be thoroughly sanitised between each patient, and disposable pillow cases will be used. You will use your own modesty towel.
After your treatment you will be given a moment to change and your Osteopath will meet you in the waiting area.

Please bring the correct money and make a cash payment into the dish provided.

After each treatment the room and door handles will all be thoroughly sanitised, and the room will be aerated.

Your Osteopath will change their protective clothing, and scrub thoroughly with warm water and soap.

There will be sanitiser available for your use at any time.

Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep everyone safe during these challenging times.