Neck Pain

Are you suffering from neck pain? You are not alone.

Here at Sorrel O’Malley Osteopaths Yarm, it is one of the most common conditions that people come in with.

The neck is the most vulnerable part of the spine, it sacrifices stability for mobility, in evolution this is so that we can move our head quickly and easily to detect danger. We need this mobility in our necks, but it leaves us vulnerable to neck pain and injury.

Common causes of neck pain

Muscle Strain or Spasm (Torticollis)

Trapped Nerve (Herniated Disc) (Cervical Radiculopathy)

Osteoarthritis (Degenerative Change) (Spondylosis)

Degenerative Disc Disease

Poor Posture  (Tech Neck)



Polymyalgia Rhuematica

Neck pain can present in a variety of ways, it can be a dull ache, sharp pain, or can feel quite hot and sore. It is usually aggravated by movement, and it can be hard to find a comfortable sleeping position. Very commonly it radiates into the shoulder area, and can sometimes travel into the arm, occasionally causing pins and needles or numbness. Neck pain and stiffness can also cause headaches.

You can improve your symptoms at home by trying some of these basic neck stretches.

If you are suffering from neck pain and you would like to speak to a professional about a diagnosis and treatment options please call the clinic on 07919163053 to make an appointment, or visit our website