My Story

When looking for a practitioner to help with pain, and health issues it really helps if you find someone that works in a way that is right for you! Here is a little bit of information about me, and how I like to work.

Osteopathy is my area of speciality, I am fully qualified and registered with GOSc (The General Osteopathic Council, our regulatory body) and I have been in practice for 9 years. Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy specialising in treating a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions, it has great results with back and neck pain, ankle, knee, hip, shoulder,and elbow joint conditions all respond really well to treatment. We also deal with muscle, tendon, ligament and disc complaints. Osteopaths are healthcare practitioners so we also help with other general health conditions, and can advise on healthy lifestyle.

I like to use deep tissue massage, along side joint articulation and mobilisations, with manipulation techniques. And I most often provide a personalised stretch routine created after assessment, tailored to individual requirements.

My profession does have crossovers with others manual therapies. Osteopaths use techniques and treatment protocols shared by both Chiropractors and Physiotherapists, and some other therapists too. Often it is the way we work individually that is the biggest difference between us, and the challenge is to find the right practitioner to suit you. Sometimes knowing a little bit about a persons background helps get a feel for whether or not they might be a good fit.

I have a keen interest in health and fitness, I enjoy running (although not quite so often since I have had my children) I find it great for body and mind, but it can be hard on your joints so you need to look after yourself, good shoes, and great nutrition and hydration, a great stretch routine and a great Osteopath are what I recommend to keep you running fit.I love skiing, I worked as a Chalet girl in  the French Alps before I went off to Uni, looking after 16 guests, hosting, cleaning and cooking –  breakfast, afternoon tea and four course evening meal six days a week! This also stirred my interest in food, I am now hugely interested in nutrition and how much what you fuel your body with effects your general health.I come from a family of psychotherapists, my Mum, Dad, and Aunt are psychotherapists. This has meant that most of my childhood antics, and developmental stages have been extremely well analysed and talked through (the celebration ceremony when I got my period was a high point – hilarious!). Growing up in that environment means that I do have a high level of emotional awareness, and believe that stress, trauma, emotion and our psychie can have a huge impact on our physical well being. It is not always a factor in all pain conditions, but it can play a part.

Osteopathy was my second degree, I gained an MSc in Media and Cultural studies first. I studied in London and ended up working there for a few years before I retrained. I had a job as a PA for the owner of a Hedge Fund, a big finance based organisation, this work gave me insight into how being desk based and working long hours can effect you physically, which has been useful in helping patients manage conditions related to their work and issues around desk ergonomics.

I became a bit dissatisfied with my office job and London life, I wanted to work in a way that helps people, and was more healthcare orientated. I got a massage therapist qualification at night school, I loved doing this but felt I wanted something a bit more challenging, and in depth so I started to look into Osteopathy and Chiropractor courses. I decided on an Osteopathy, an MSc Osteopathic Medicine course in Surrey. I was 26 when I took the leap, the course takes 4 years to complete, so knowing I would be 30 by the time I qualified was fairly daunting. But you are a long time at work, and I wanted to do something fulfilling. I am so glad I did, I loved training – the opportunity to train in something I loved learning about every day, instead of going to work felt amazing, and I felt really lucky that I could do it. I had not really found my niche before Osteopathy so training in something I enjoyed doing so much, and seemed to be really good at, was great. And now I love my job, getting to help people and see the benefits and pain relief from treatment every day is fantastic.

I became a mum 3.5 years ago, and for a second time 18 months ago. It has really opened my eyes to the struggle mums have, mentally, physically, emotionally. The load on mothers these days is heavy. Osteopathy can really help with the physical strain in both pregnancy and postpartum. I offer treatment to pregnant and postpartum mums, the struggle of motherhood is real, and I really enjoy being able to help. I particularly struggled during pregnancy, I was mainly miserable and anxious, but also had a huge bump from quite early on so was very uncomfortable. Also during the new born phase, my girls didn’t breastfeed easily, both had tongue tie, and colic and reflux issues so we found that first bit especially hard.

Having my babies ignited my interest into using Osteopathy to treat babies and after doing some specialist training in treating infants and babies using Cranial Osteopathy, and having some mentoring from Tracy Lomax, a specialist paediatric Osteopath, that works with Milk Matters, an IBCLC and midwife team in Huddersfield, I have introduced a baby clinic at Sorrel O’Malley Osteopaths Yarm, that runs nicely alongside the structural work I do with adults.

So that’s me! I still love my structural work, the nuts and bolts Osteopathy with adults, and I am really enjoying the cranio sacral therapy baby clinics. If you would like any more information about me, how I work, or what I do, or to see if I might be able to help you, please call the clinic on 07919163053 or visit our website at