Meet Our Team

Sorrel O’Malley

Clinic Director

Sorrel O’Malley is the founder of Affinity Health Clinics, Principle Osteopath and Clinic Owner.

Sorrel trained at the Surrey Institute of Osteopathic Medicine gaining a BScHons OstMed in 2010. She is registered with the Osteopathic governing body – GOSC and is a member of the Institute of Osteopathy and insured through Balens.

Before training to become an Osteopath she qualified as a fitness instructor and a massage therapist, both of these qualifications add to her unique skill set.

She has been working as an Osteopath for over 10 years and has a wealth of experience treating back, neck and a whole range of Musculo-skeletal problems. She runs a busy list with many returning patients, see our testimonials page (link to testimonials) for information from happy healthy patients.

As well as her expertise in adult structural Osteopathy Sorrel has done some specialist additional training in Cranio Sacral treatment with the Sutherland College, in prenatal pregnancy treatment, and in paediatric care, specialising in infant feeding issues, this was with Miranda Clayton who runs specialist paediatric training courses.

Sorrel has two young children, and struggled with feeding issues with both of them, they were both diagnosed with tongue tie in infancy, this experience has helped inform her paediatric work and generated an interest in this area. Our aim at the clinic is to provide a supportive environment for new mums and help fill a gap in care that can heavily impact the early weeks of motherhood.

Hannah Holloran


Hannah Holloran is highly experienced MSK (musculoskeletal) Physiotherapist

MSK Physiotherapy will provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. MSK Physiotherapy aims to help you improve and manage problems that affect muscles, joints and soft tissues like ligaments and tendons.

Hannah is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and is required to comply with the codes of practice and professional conduct guidelines as outlined by the HCPC and the professional body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy

She also specialises in Women’s Health Physiotherapy.

Hannah became a Women’s Health specialist after suffering with crippling Pelvic girdle pain during both of her pregnancies; followed with unpleasant post natal recovery.

Hannah is now a Mummy MOT practitioner. Hannah can treat pregnant ladies suffering with pelvic girdle pain, post natal check which includes checking your pelvic floor, tummy gap and posture. Peri & post menopausal ladies with possible prolapse issues also some younger ladies who have not even had children but may have an overactive (high tone) pelvic floor, leading to bowel issues along with urinary problems such as urgency and stress incontinence.

Hannah is very passionate about women’s health and treats all her lovely ladies with the very utmost professionalism and kindness.