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Physiotherapy appointments available

MSK Physiotherapy will provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. MSK Physiotherapy aims to help you improve and manage problems that affect muscles, joints and soft tissues like ligaments and tendons.

An MSK (musculoskeletal) physiotherapist can provide expert assessment and advice and aims to help you improve and manage pain, disability and injury that affect muscles, joints and soft tissues like ligaments and tendons.

This is done through questioning and physical assessment, followed by hands on treatment.

Together you will figure out what impact these problems are having on your life and discuss ways to help aid your recovery and guide you to achieve your goals.

Treating issues from neck pain, to foot pain and everywhere in between. 

Physiotherapy can assist in helping you to

  • understand and manage your MSK problem better 
  • Reduce pain 
  • improve your movement and strength
  • maximise your function e.g. returning to your sport, managing every day activities to climbing stairs 

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    What People Say

    Two and a half years of undiagnosed right side hip and glute pain; ITB and knee aggravation, all getting worse and with not one of the many treatments I had tried working, led me to start thinking that I would have to quit running forever. All this was sorted, pretty much, in one visit to Sorrel as a last desperate bid for a ‘cure’. Diagnosis was spot on and the initial treatment was so effective that it relieved much of my pain immediately and allowed me to run properly for the first time in years.


    Sorrel was able to offer me an appointment at incredibly short notice, and was quick to identify cause of my complaint. Unlike experiences with other osteopathic practices, not only did Sorrel assess my needs in this first session but also treated them, gave me some stretches to follow in my own time and advised me on a suitable treatment plan. I can honestly say that after one treatment, my symptoms are already much improved. I would highly recommend Sorrel to anyone affected by a sporting injury.


    I’ve been seeing Sorrel over the last couple of months due to neck pain and head aches that I’ve been having for sometime. After just 4 sessions with her the neck pain has reduced significantly and head aches almost disappeared. Would definitely recommend.


    I have an ongoing neck and upper back complaint, due to my work, I am a plumber so spend a fair bit of time lifting or writhing around in awkward positions. I see Sorrel regularly for maintenance treatment, she does a great job and keeps all my aches and pains at bay. Her combination of massage and joint articulations really helps to stop my neck from getting too stiff and painful.


    Amazingly friendly service, progressive, thoughtful and professional treatment, excellent aftercare and ‘in between visit’ advice to follow. I seriously would not go anywhere else. I’m just so thankful I found Affinity Clinics.


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