Women’s Health

We offer Women’s pelvic health treatment for a huge range of pelvic health related issues.

Many women suffer quietly and needlessly with issues such as:

  • Incontinence can be urinary, faecal, stress urge, mixed
  • Overactive bladder (going more often)
  • Prolapse
  • Constipation
  • Pelvic and vaginal pain: painful urination, painful sex, coccyx pain

We can provide pre-natal pregnancy support all the way to post-natal pelvic health checks.

Pre-natal pregnancy support

In pregnancy women suffer with tensions and imbalances related to increased pressure through the back and pelvis and the sacroiliac joint this is called Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP) and the pubic symphasis (the point where the pelvic bowl meets at the front and centre in the groin) This is sometimes referred to as Symphasis Pubis Disorder, or SPD. This pressure is from the weight of the growing baby, and hormonal changes that affect ligament laxity and muscle tone, and can sometimes make pregnancy tricky and painful.

We offer specialist pregnancy massage, and gentle mobilisation techniques, along with exercise protocols to help with this sort of pain. We can also cater for mums who just want a gentle relaxing massage, pregnancy can be tiring and stressful and a time when you should look after your wellbeing.

    We offer a free 10 minute confidential chat with our experienced pelvic health expert Hannah Holloran. For more information or to make a booking call the clinic on 07399185895 or book online with Hannah.

    Post-natal Support

    After your baby has arrived it is advisable to have a post natal pelvic health check, (Mummy MOT) labour and birth can be hard on your body and it can cause big changes. There can be residual back and pelvic pain, ligament or muscular problems. Issues with c-section scars, the tummy gap known as a Diastasis where the abdominal muscle separate to allow for the growing baby and following delivery they do not always return as they where previously, which can contribute to back pain and weakness in the pelvic floor.

    There are often other internal issues that should not be ignored, for example post natal tears, or scaring, problems with episiotomies and stitch repairs, other issues such as stress incontinence or bladder control issues, painful sex, and uterine, or bladder, or bowel prolapse.

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      What People Say

      Two and a half years of undiagnosed right side hip and glute pain; ITB and knee aggravation, all getting worse and with not one of the many treatments I had tried working, led me to start thinking that I would have to quit running forever. All this was sorted, pretty much, in one visit to Sorrel as a last desperate bid for a ‘cure’. Diagnosis was spot on and the initial treatment was so effective that it relieved much of my pain immediately and allowed me to run properly for the first time in years.


      Sorrel was able to offer me an appointment at incredibly short notice, and was quick to identify cause of my complaint. Unlike experiences with other osteopathic practices, not only did Sorrel assess my needs in this first session but also treated them, gave me some stretches to follow in my own time and advised me on a suitable treatment plan. I can honestly say that after one treatment, my symptoms are already much improved. I would highly recommend Sorrel to anyone affected by a sporting injury.


      I’ve been seeing Sorrel over the last couple of months due to neck pain and head aches that I’ve been having for sometime. After just 4 sessions with her the neck pain has reduced significantly and head aches almost disappeared. Would definitely recommend.


      I have an ongoing neck and upper back complaint, due to my work, I am a plumber so spend a fair bit of time lifting or writhing around in awkward positions. I see Sorrel regularly for maintenance treatment, she does a great job and keeps all my aches and pains at bay. Her combination of massage and joint articulations really helps to stop my neck from getting too stiff and painful.


      Amazingly friendly service, progressive, thoughtful and professional treatment, excellent aftercare and ‘in between visit’ advice to follow. I seriously would not go anywhere else. I’m just so thankful I found Affinity Clinics.


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